7 Ways To Wear Less Makeup This Summer Only Using Concealer

 7 Ways To Wear Less Makeup This Summer Only Using Concealer

In the summertime, wearing full glam can be a bit of a chore. Managing the increase in oil production, keeping sweat at bay, and touching up your look throughout the day is not the most desirable list of to-do's, especially when you're on the go.


Many opt for minimal makeup to beat the summer heat, but it's not easy to rock only concealer and actually nail a "no-makeup" makeup look. Read: The under-eye area can easily appear flat, and even the creamiest formulas can settle into fine lines. Here, we've compiled a few tips to get the most out of the few products in your summer arsenal, so you can do more with less: 

1. Start with hydrated, protected skin.

It's the cardinal rule of summer makeup: Your base should start with SPF. If you opt for tinted sunscreen (like this one from Saie Beauty), then you'll achieve a bit more coverage without piling on a heavy base product. 

If your skin falls on the drier side, layering a hydrating serum or light moisturizer under your sunscreen will help keep your skin adequately hydrated throughout the day. Be sure to let your skin care (SPF included) set for a few minutes before applying concealer to make sure it stays put. You can even add a functional primer to your minimalist routine for added skin care benefits.

2. Use self-tanner face drops for added glow.

While it's great to keep your face protected from the sun, we can't ignore the allure of a sun-kissed glow. Although, that doesn't mean you must load up on bronzer if you're hoping to go makeup-free. An easy fix? Add a few drops of self-tanner (like this one from Typology) to your moisturizer at night. Doing so will add a natural-looking, consistent, and gorgeous glow to the face, sans sunburn.

3. Get a concealer that matches your skin.

Using a concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin tone is great for brightening the under eyes, but it's not going to perform well if you're going otherwise makeup-free. Your skin likely runs a few shades deeper in the summer, as your face is more exposed to UV rays on the daily, which can make a too-light concealer read flat.

Rather, it's worth taking the time to assess your closest shade match and spot-conceal strategic areas: Use the concealer under your eyes and add a single dot of the lighter concealer at the inner corners to help brighten the area and create dimension.

As makeup artist Bobbi Brown previously told mbg, "Think about it: If you used the shade you used for your under-eyes on any other part of the face, it would make that area stand out instead of blend in. Then the color you need to match your forehead will probably be a slightly different shade than that of your cheek or nose," she says, noting that the forehead tends to get more sun and therefore is often darker. "Just put some concealer on it and then blend it out so it matches the rest of the skin."

4. Use color corrector under your concealer.

If you want to lay off heavy base makeup, consider color-correcting products your best friends. "Color corrector can be especially transformative for dark circles. I'm personally a huge fan," says makeup artist Alexandra Compton, product development manager at clean beauty retailer Credo. We know, these can be a bit confusing to use, which is why we created a full guide to color correctors with some of our top picks. 

As a general rule of thumb: Use green to cool any red undertones, orange to add warmth, yellow for extra-fair skin tones, and purple to add a cooler tone. 

5. Work smarter, not harder to cover blemishes and scars.

If you're using concealer to cover up blemishes or indented acne scars, there is a strategy that will help it look more natural. Apply a bit of powder to the area first, then layer on a tiny amount of concealer, let it dry, and then blend it in. You can dab a little bit of powder over the top for extra grip. Here's the full step-by-step guide to covering blemish scars, if you're curious. 

6. Highlight your inner corners.

If you're looking for a bit of pop to your minimal makeup look, grab your favorite cream highlighter. You can dab a bit of this product on your inner eye corners and on the high points of your face to help you glow even more. 

And if you're taking the look from day to night? Add a cream blush, liquid highlighter, or some cream eye shadow—this will take it to the next level without appearing cakey. Generally, cream products are the way to go during the summertime, as they melt into the skin and easily fuse to your concealer-only base.

7. The takeaway. 

While spending some days completely makeup-free is great, other days call for a bit of help from your trusty concealer. With the summer heat, it's not always easy to keep this minimalist routine looking fresh, but now you have a few tips to get started. Now looking for the best concealer for your skin type and need? We've got you covered there, too: Check out the best clean, natural concealers on the market.


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