Skin Care Tips On Navratri 2021: 5 Amazing Tips To Prep Your Skin For The Festive Glow

 Skin Care Tips On Navratri 2021: 5 Amazing Tips To Prep Your Skin For The Festive Glow

With an aromatic smell in the air, we just know that the festive season is here. Starting with the nine auspicious days of Navratri, followed by more, the festive season brings a whole different level of cheer. From decking up our homes to deciding about the outfits for the special days, our excitement and enthusiasm is pretty much evident. While keeping a track of other things, do not miss out on pampering your skin before it because of course! we need to glow and a right regimen will help us in the same. We have a guide for you about prepping your skin during Navratri 2021. Read on, to know more.

5 Amazing Skincare Tips To Prep Your Skin Before Festivities

1. Set A Regular Night Routine

After an exhausting day at work or after coming from a shopping spree late in the evening, do ensure to wash off the dirt from the face. Make a routine, it doesn't have to be a multiple step skincare regimen but something that suits your skin and is effective. Make sure to remove all the makeup and wash your face with a cleanser before you are off to bed because no one wants to wake up with breakouts and unwanted zits.

2. Never Skip The Sunscreen

Whether you like a sunscreen spray or a lotion, pick one as per your wish and choice and make sure to put it out at all times. It might be teh October heat but it can still bring down your skin so it is best to step out with sunscreen on to protect your skin from teh harmful rays at all times.

3. Glow It Up With Face Masks

Festive season means some extra care for the skin as well. Whether you like the sheet masks or clay masks, they all can add an extra glow to your skin. Go for soothing ingredients and formulations. They are an instant revival for the sull skin and brighten it up in no time. They are like last minute glow up boosters for the skin.

4. Exfoliating The Skin

Festive season can be quite overwhelming, especially with all the shopping sprees and the cheer all around but with these our skin also tends to trap more dirt and dust. We can't stop our festive shopping but we can definitely ensure that the skin is getting the right attention and exfoliating is the best way to do it.

5. Tone The Skin

Ahead Of the festivities, you still have got time on your hands to roll on with a legit routine and glow up. Tone your face with facial tools that can enhance the features and sculpts the face. A gua sha can be of great use when it comes to facial tools. It simply helps in toning and leaves a smooth and supple skin.


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